Pill Planners for Patients

During our employee forums last year, many of you mentioned getting daily living aids for some of our patients. Thanks to a campaign we were able to raise money to purchase around 1,500 assorted pill planners. These planners have started to be sent to the drop-sites. If you need more sent to your site please send an email to vnh@vnhcare.org.

Mobile Care App

Until recently, the LNA’s, PCA’s, and PCS’s have been using an automated telephone system called Telephony which provides them with very little patient/client information. This system allowed access to the client’s basic information and care plan but did not give access to other information that is accessible to other staff that uses agency laptops. To remedy the situation and allow access to more patient/client information the agency has begun to deploy a new mobile device application called Mobile Care to the LNA’s, PCA’s, and PCS’s work cell phones. This application provides them with access to client information such as the client’s diagnoses, case manager information, case notes, and allows them to visualize the client’s care plan. This application will also track mileage for them so they will no longer need to make a manual entry for mileage.

Having access to the full picture of the client they are seeing, arms our caregivers with the knowledge they need to provide the best possible care for our clients, allows for increased communication with their teams within the chart, and decreases the number of calls to the office for client information. After receiving the application one staff member stated “This is a game-changer!”