Meet our Team Assistants, Shirley, Lisa, Delce, Elizabeth, Laurie, and Saralee! They all play an important role in the delivery of patient care. Whether it is scheduling patient visits or acting as a liaison for patients and families, their support in team operations leads to high levels of team effectiveness. You may see their faces every day, either in the office or through your computer screen, but did you know…

Shirley Bacon

Shirley loves to go camping and hopes to travel to Ireland someday! She loves tigers almost as much as she loves helping patients get the care that they need. Her job allows her to talk to some really interesting patients and family members, and act as a reassuring voice to those going through a difficult time. She is thankful every day that she gets to work with such an amazing group of people and be a part of something she loves.

Lisa Barrett

When Lisa isn’t working, she loves playing with her two Mastiff/Saint Bernard puppies, as well as spending time with her 14 grandchildren! Her hobbies include riding ATVs with her family and baking, one of her specialties is a Kahlua Pumpkin Cheesecake. Working for VNH for nearly 17 years has taught Lisa that there is always something new to learn. Working as a part of a team reminds her that she is not alone in anything that she does. While some days may be challenging, Lisa always musters through because there is nothing else she would rather be doing!

Delce Porter

Delce has two grandkids, ages 7 and 9, that she loves to spend time with! She also enjoys making cards and other crafts in her free time. Delce has been with VNH for 36 years and has loved all of the people she has gotten to work with throughout the years. Her favorite part about working here is being able to provide a much-needed service to people in our community.

Elizabeth Sturgis

Something many people might not know about Elizabeth is that she is an identical twin! She loves working at VNH. Being able to work with her teammates to meet the needs of our patients and staff is one of her favorite parts of her job. If there is a problem, she knows she can work together with her colleagues to find a solution and ensure that patients are cared for.

Laurie Cummings-Bowen

Laurie loves trying new things. When she was 55, she went zip lining for the first time. While that may sound scary to some, Laurie thought it was fantastic! At work, she loves being able to support all of the clinicians. The gratitude that she receives for the work that she does is very rewarding. At VNH, we are all a family. Laurie feels this to be especially true with her teammates on the red team. The support they give one another allows everyone to carry out their job successfully and efficiently.

Saralee Morgan

When Saralee isn’t at work, she is busy with her partner caring for their 7 draft horses and working around the farm. She travels throughout New England and a few small towns in New York competing in horse pulls. Her favorite part about working at VNH is the ongoing conscientious process being developed which is focused on team building to better provide the most effective, compassionate care for our patients. This team-building combined with growing awareness of staff needs is a dynamic process that she feels is empowering to be a part of.