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Amanda Roberge received a unique opportunity to attend a 6 week seminar on how to assist clients with developing and using a WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This model was devised by Vermonter Mary Ellen Copeland and is internationally recognized as a powerful wellness tool for people who suffer from chronic mental health issues. Amanda has a high number of clients who are in this category. She is naturally gifted in supporting this population and will benefit from additional ideas presented in this seminar.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“Not only has Briana White been doing some outstanding work within VNH, she is also a student in a DNP program, one of only 12 fellows in the J&J Nursing Innovation Fellowship program, and recently published an article about her transition to home based care. Briana embodies professional practice and accountability and I admire her tenacity and dedication tremendously.”

– Sara Simeone

“Jessica Arruda has just started her MSW internship in palliative care at the VA in White River.”

– Megan Hawthorne

Danielle Pierotti recently had an article published in The Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine. This work is critical to the entire healthcare industry, including VNH.”

– Johanna Beliveau

“I would like to shout out Nicole Levingston for supporting the hospice team, and Briana White, Jen Swanson, and Steph Duquette for supporting intake while she’s been out!”

– Hilary Davis

“I would like to give a shout out to Bethany Yaeger. Bethany has been a major support to me since I joined the Long Term Care Services team. At all times Bethany is laser focused on the task at hand, and she is a natural problem solver. Bethany is always willing to step in and help when the team needs assistance, and she works hard to ensure our clients get the visits that they need. Bethany’s calm presence is reassuring to callers when they are stressed or upset, and she works closely with them to resolve their concerns. Whenever Bethany is asked to assist with an additional task her go-to motto is ‘Sounds good.’ The Long Term Care Services team appreciates Bethany for all that she does to help make the program successful. You are very much appreciated Bethany for all that you do!”

– John Mitchell-Beam

“Staff kudos to Sarah Freeman on her work with a very challenging TBI client. Several community partners are involved and the healthcare ombudsman described Sarah’s work as ‘amazing.'”

– Megan Hawthorne

“Staff kudos to Michelle Gristweiner. Michelle’s client has dementia and lives at home with her husband- who also had dementia. As the LTC CM, Michelle is now involved with supporting the five adult siblings- who are in high conflict- about how to support their declining parents. Michelle was able to earn the trust and confidence of the family and, at a high stakes family meeting, skillfully steered them toward an agreement- despite the high level of tension and conflict that presented at the meeting.”

– Megan Hawthorne

“I would like to take a moment to recognize all of the hard work that the PCA’s and PCS’s have been doing over the last year. Their tireless efforts to ensure that our clients continue to receive the best possible care does not go unnoticed, and it is greatly appreciated. They have persevered and successfully navigated this pandemic with grace, dignity, and a high level of patience. I am honored, and very proud, to work with such amazing teams.”

– John Mitchell-Beam

“Staff kudos to Genna and Caroline who are organizing a periodic moment of reflection at Long Term Care team meetings to mark the deaths of our clients. Long Term Care Case Managers play an integral role in the lives of their clients, in some cases for up to seven years.”

– Megan Hawthorne

Gifts were made in honor of the following employees for the outstanding care they provided to a recent patient.

Kim Reardon, PCS

Jen Kravitz, PT

Lorraine Gozum, PT

Paula Boutin, PT