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Build lasting relationships with your patients

Use your clinical skills at the highest level

Why Home Health Care?

The future of health care is home care! Bring your medical/surgical, primary care, long term care, rehabilitation, palliative, and end-of-life care skills into the growing and exciting field of home care. More and more patients are deciding to heal where they feel most comfortable—at home. Enjoy a career that celebrates your exceptional skill and autonomy, applies your adaptability and critical thinking, and encourages you to perform at the highest clinical level.

Home health caregivers have the opportunity to work one-on-one patients, developing that personal connection and lasting relationship.

Working in home care and hospice is as challenging as it is rewarding. A successful caregiver is capable, autonomous, and quick on their feet, with incredible attention-to-detail, clinical skills, and resilience. If this describes you, we encourage you to answer the call.

Collaborative support network

Give back to the community

Why VNH?

Home health clinicians and caregivers make a true difference in the lives of patients in our community. People who are recovering from illness or injury, experiencing the effects of aging, or approaching the end of life want to be cared for at home where their families and lives are. For skilled healthcare professionals who are passionate about patient care, a career with VNH gives you the chance to build lasting relationships with your patients on their terms, treating the whole person in the safety and comfort of home.

VNH is an established leader in home health care and hospice, serving this community since 1907. As a non-profit, our only goal is helping people and providing you with the right team and resources to care for your patients. VNH recognizes that the clinicians in the field are the experts in providing care, so we routinely look for ideas, feedback, and input on how we can improve outcomes for patients and staff.  At VNH, you are an important part of the changing face of healthcare.

As a member of the renowned Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, VNH accesses resources and clinical training to support and advance your professional career.

Visiting Nurse and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire serves a wide region of the southeastern Green Mountain State and the southwestern Granite State along the Connecticut River, dotted with historic towns, villages, and filled with opportunities for an enriched, fulfilling life.

Four Seasons of Fun

Our territory offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities across all four seasons amid New England’s breathtaking natural beauty. Rivers, streams, lakes, valleys, and mountains fill the landscape, along with some of the world’s most dazzling foliage each fall. The Appalachian Trail cuts through the region, and there are numerous opportunities for skiing, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Heart of Healthcare and Education

World-renowned Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, alongside many strong local hospitals. Parents can choose from a diverse selection of strong public and private school options. The area also boasts an impressive array of colleges, including Dartmouth College, Colby Sawyer College, Marlboro College and Landmark College, among others.

Arts, Entertainment, and Shopping (OH MY!)

Many southern Vermont and New Hampshire towns have vital arts communities, with regular gallery walks and live performances. The area boasts a diverse array of restaurants, and shopping opportunities abound, from old country stores to department stores and outlets.

You Can Get There From Here

Easily accessible via Interstates I-91 and I-89, and crossed with picturesque state highways and rural dirt roads, our region is situated a short 2-to-3 hour drive from Boston, and 5-to-6 hours from New York City. Nearby airports are located in Manchester and West Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Answer the Call

If you’re talented, trained and committed to changing lives for the better, visit our careers page to review our current employment opportunities and find the position where you can make a real difference.

Advance your professional career & clinical skills

Transform lives, including your own

Our Benefits

We understand the value of skilled employees on our team, and we want to take care of you, the way you care for our patients. Come home to an array of strong benefits, including:

  • Competitive benefits and wages
  • Medical, Dental & Vision insurance coverage
  • Exceptional earned time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Opportunity for national certifications
  • Potential for agency vehicle
  • One-to-one client contact

View our complete benefits list here 

A strong company cannot exist without healthy employees. The everyday choices that we make can help us live healthier and happier lives—both at work and at home. We are thrilled to offer programs that focus on the well-being of VNH’s most valuable asset.

Each month, there is a new theme, and the wellness committee populates the bulletin boards at the main administrative offices and major drop sites throughout our service area with information and activities to help with your personal health and wellness goals. Each week there are recipes, tips, facts, articles, and exercises for you to read about and try. In addition to the bulletin boards, there are regular emails going out that will provide health and wellness information and other program opportunities. The program is completely voluntary, but we hope you’ll find things that inspire you to participate. Each of us can take steps, even small ones, to improve our overall health and well-being.

Professional development of new graduate nurses

Get started in healthcare with confidence

Nurse Residency Program

New graduate nurses welcome! Come join our nursing team. We are offering a year-long transition to practice residency program that supports professional development of new graduate nurses entering home care practice.

The Nurse Residency Program incorporates:

  • Workshop sessions with curriculum content
  • Active hands-on practice with an experienced preceptor
  • Mentored problem solving with managing complex clients

Initially, the preceptor exposes new graduates to home care through supervised visits, providing ongoing support and mentorship as participants’ progress through the residency. This combination of practical application, educational opportunities, and peer support facilitate the transition from new graduate to competent professional nurse over the course of a 12-month period.

For additional information about the Nurse Residency Program, please contact Human Resources at (888) 300-8853.

Program Description

The Nurse Residency Program is a year-long transition to practice program that serves as a bridge to support and enhance the professional development of new graduate nurses entering home care practice.

We value and respect each new graduate and tailor learning to the individual nurse resident. Working with a trained preceptor, new graduate nurses gain valuable experience from:

  • An in-depth understanding of your role through exposure to everyday hands-on practice
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Managing complex patients through professional nurturance and mentorship
  • Ongoing education and training


The purpose of the program is to promote the development of competency and role transition, supporting the resident professionally, emotionally, and socially during the first year of nursing practice.

The Nurse Residency Program builds on the knowledge with ongoing education and training to acquire skills to:

  • Transition from basic to complex care
  • Enhance competence and confidence
  • Deepen critical thinking and clinical reasoning
  • Provide safe patient care

During your first three months:
You will focus on orienting to the agency and application of evidence-based knowledge and skilled nursing care of the patient in the home setting.

During months four through six:
You will focus on managing a caseload as a team member coordinating the delivery of care and gradually assuming the duties and responsibilities of the nurse role under the direction and guidance of a preceptor.

During months seven through 12: 
You will focus on becoming independent case managers providing complex disease management and promoting outcomes of care.

Core Residency Program

  • Hands on clinical practice with field expert nurse preceptor
  • Frequent support and contact with Education Directors, Coordinators, Residency Program Nurse Educator, and leadership
  • Personal goal setting to maximize the clinical learning experience with regular meetings to evaluate goals and progress

Throughout each program step, curriculum content is incorporated into the Residency Program. The core competencies of the curriculum include:

  • Patient and family-centered care
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Quality improvement
  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Chronic disease management
  • Care transitions and coordination
  • Patient care preferences
  • Time management, prioritization, and delegation
  • Professional role and inter-professional/team communication as well as accountability

Application Process

Eligible candidates must apply online. All applications must include the documentation listed below:

  • Personal statement on why you want to be a home health nurse and the specific qualities you possess to be a good nurse
  • Formal cover letter and resume with clinical information and experience
  • Two letters of recommendation from a clinical professor instructor and nursing faculty
  • Educational transcripts

What our staff say about working at VNH…

My Why: Kayla Thompson, LPN

My Why: Robin Keith, RN

Carole Lechthaler, RN, MS Community Liaison, 50 years with VNH

The best part of job is working in the home with patients on ‘their turf’ and not in a structured facility setting. The rewards are because the hard work that you put into working with our patients is directly proportional to the job satisfaction you get which is huge. VNH first of all is not for profit, so we take all patients regardless of ability to pay. However we have very good resource and support staff and good benefits so that is why I would choose it over all other home care agencies. Because we work with people from all walks of life, we measure our successes with patients in small steps and all the staff supports each other in this understanding.

Delce Porter Quality Assistant, 34 years with VNH

We make a difference in people’s lives and help them to stay at home where they are the most comfortable. I have worked all these years for VNH because I believe in what we do and am glad to be behind the scenes making it easier for those who are out seeing clients. I work with a great staff of people and am very proud of what we do in the community.

Veronica Perry LNA, 30 years with VNH

Serving the community, and knowing at the end of the day that you are helping people and making them happy, that’s the most important thing.

Julia Klein Zawilinski OT, 25 years with VNH

I love seeing people work hard to realize their potential, and I love being a part of that.

Noel Bactad PT, 22 years with VNH

Providing rehab at home, I’ve learned to be innovative. We use things already in the home to aid treatment. It’s rewarding for them and me. I have a passion for helping people.

Darcey Brown PTA, 15 years with VNH

My patients and my community! Hands down, this is why I love to go to work every day! I was born and raised in my treatment area and I love that I can give back to the community in some way.

Julie Savo PT, 8 years with VNH

I recently had a client who was very sick, in the hospital with respiratory failure. She made it home only to continue to hit speed bumps along the way to recovery. I started with her in December and just discharged her to home at an independent level and she was able to get back into the community and is now really close to getting back to work. The hug that she gave me when I left was reward for me. The ability to see her through to the end of her recovery is very rewarding.

Rebecca Dole OT, 7 years with VNH

I feel I’m helping people function in the home and keeping them there as long as possible, much more rewarding than a nursing home setting and I’m outside in the air, not stuck in an office atmosphere with fake lights all day.

Traci Smith, RN RN, 5 years with VNH

I frequently tell people that I wish I had found this job years ago. Every job has its good and bad points, but over my 30 years of nursing this is the job that I have loved the most. I enjoy working with our patients on a 1:1 basis. I use a variety of nursing skills and have had the opportunity to further my knowledge and have become wound care certified. I get to see people in their home environment which lets me understand better what their specific needs are. Working for VNH has truly made me a more knowledgeable and experienced nurse.

Beth Kelly Insurance Specialist, 3 years with VNH

What I love most about my position and what motivates me is being able to help relieve the financial stress for patient’s going through difficult health challenges. Knowing that I can take this one piece of the process off their plate and do my part to ensure that their claims will get covered and help to ensure that they are approved for the care they need, gives me joy.

Jacqueline Fitzpatrick LPN, 2 months VNH

I love being a Homecare Nurse because it affords me the opportunity to provide compassionate skilled care to patients where they want to be – in their home. When caring for my patients, I am reminded that we are all human beings and need kindness and a smile as much as we need a wound care and/or any medical treatment. This is especially true for our most vulnerable and homebound patients. I believe that genuine kindness is a muscle we all must exercise daily and sharing kindness can make you healthier and happier.